trial by human

In Trial by Human, Rowley and Halteman reveal the importance of stepping out of the conference room and into the homes and lives of your clients—to share a meal, hear their stories, and experience for yourself how they live and breathe. As the authors explain, you can’t expect a jury to understand and feel your clients’ injustice if you haven’t taken the time to do so yourself.

Paperback: 326 pages, CD; 1st edition (2013)


TRIAL BY HUMAN: Jury selection & opening statements

Jury Selection & Opening Statements is the first in a series of videos that teaches how to use Nick Rowley’s Trial by Human method in trial. Follow Nick Rowley, Courtney Rowley and Joseph Low as they cover topics ranging from Jury Selection, Direct Examination, Cross Examination, Closing Argument, Compelling Storytelling and other essential elements of trial. Also includes special guests, mock jury selection and bonus sessions as well as interviews with leaders in trial law and continued learning and education. 

Media: 2 discs; 2016


Connecting with the Jury

Connecting with the Jury  shows you how Nick approaches cases and how you can use his methods to achieve outstanding results for your own clients. Nick prides himself on his caring and empathic approach to working with his clients and their families and his ability to help juries find the truth and deliver justice to the injured. 

Media: CD, DVD, MP3; 1st edition (2013)

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