connecting with the jury

By Nicholas Rowley

Nick Rowley is one of America’s great trial lawyers. Despite his young age, Nick has compiled an amazing trial history, with verdicts of $74.5 million, $38.6 million, $31.6 million, $17 million, and many more. In 2012, Nick finished a 12-month run of back-to-back trials that resulted in over $140 million in wins. He has already tried over 70 jury trials. He is a student of Gerry Spence, and has served as an instructor at Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers College in Wyoming.

Nick’s approach to trial is different than that of many lawyers, and his method of trying cases is important for every lawyer to consider. As he explains, “Being a trial lawyer means dedicating oneself to standing up for the rights of people, never selling out, and caring about truth and justice. My clients are family to me. I give them my all.” Nick prides himself on his caring and empathic approach to working with his clients and their families and his ability to help juries find the truth and deliver justice to the injured. This video shows you how Nick approaches cases and how you can use his methods to achieve outstanding results for your own clients.

Media: CD, DVD, MP3; 1st edition (2013)