Jury Selection & Opening Statements

Nicholas Rowley, Courtney Rowley & Joseph Low

Jury Selection & Opening Statements is the first in a series of videos that teaches how to use Nick Rowley’s Trial by Human method in trial. This presentation features lectures by Nick Rowley, Courtney Rowley, and Joseph Low.

Nick Rowley discusses how to use his brutal honesty concept and how you can apply it to case selection, voir dire, and opening statement. Along with the discussion on how to use the Trial by Human method in opening statement, Courtney Rowley demonstrates how to apply the method with a sample opening from a medical malpractice case.

The presenters also provide instruction in voir dire and give two sample jury selections. Nick Rowley conducts a jury selection for a civil case, and Joseph Low demonstrates how to apply the same methods to select a jury for a criminal case.

Media: 2 discs; 2016