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Get Your Trial by Human “I Care” shirt now

Recently, to the shock of many, the media reported that First Lady Melania Trump wore a jacket that bore the message, “I Really Don’t Care. Do U?”.  While we may never know the exact message FLOTUS intended when she put that jacket on, during her visit to detained immigrant children in Texas, we at Trial by Human know what it means to be a Human who cares.  We show this every day in the way we care for and represent our clients.

Join the proud Trial by Human Army and show you care by ordering your own “I Care” t-shirt.  Pre-order now by clicking here. (Orders ship after July 20, 2018)

What else is new at Trial by Human? Be watching for some upcoming Trial by Human and Trial by Woman training dates that we have been planning. Our events promise to best develop you—both as a human and as a lawyer, your cases, and your network.  Be prepared to get on your feet and put your skills to work with your colleagues.

-The Trial By Human Team