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Trial Lawyer's College Opening Statement Seminar (Jan. 20-22, 2017 in Newport Beach, CA)

Join the Trial Lawyer's College Faculty Team
for Opening Statement Seminar 

Newport Beach, CA January 20-22, 2017

Registration is available on the TLC website

"We can have the greatest Closing Argument ever authored, but if we haven't won the case by the time to close, it's too late. Voir Dire and the Opening Statement are where we win or lose at trial." - Gerry Spence

The TLC Opening Statement Seminar arms trial lawyers with winning methods to prepare an effective opening statement and to deliver it with your own unique passion and persuasiveness.   

Taught by a faculty team of TLC-trained and experienced trial attorneys, psychodramatists and communications experts [at least a 6:1 student faculty ratio], this course will be a "hands-on" experience. You will learn by doing, not by suffering through endless lectures. You will discover how your own unique power can forge an honest relationship with the jury and help you deliver a winning opening statement in your most difficult cases.

Join us and learn to avoid the pitfalls of a failed opening statement that can undermine your case and, instead, how to prepare and deliver a winning opening in your own voice for your client's justice. 

Faculty Leaders:  Joey Low, Milton Grimes and Anne Valentine

Faculty Team:  Jody Amedee, Adrian Baca, Heather Barbieri, Kim Benjamin, Joy Bertrand,
Keeley Blanchard, Finlay Boag, Jim Brown, Sean Brown, Ben Bunn, Michael Callahan, Brooks Cutter, Dax Cowart, Haytham Faraj, Eric Fong, Scott Glovsky, Tom Johnston, Mike Marrinan, Suzie Mindlin, Ginger Ortiz, Ashley Parris, Rex Parris, Grover Porter, Eric Ratinoff, Danny Rodriguez, Andy Rubenstein, Kim Savo, Kent Spence, Sylvia Torres-Guillen and Ken Turek

Psychodramatists:   Don Clarkson, Donna Dupuis, Kim Friedman, Louise Lipman, John Rasberry, Mike Traynor

Communications Expert:  Josh Karton

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