Trial By Human Discussion and Document Sharing 

We will be using SLACK for our member discussions and document sharing. You will be receiving an email invite from us with information on how to sign up for a Trial By Human SLACK account (please allow up to 24 hrs after paying for your TBH Membership to receive your SLACK invite). If you do not see the invitation via email please contact us at

Slack is an online collaboration hub where members can have in depth conversations and share resources and documents with one another. We will still have the free Trial By Human Listserve but the SLACK channel will be more in depth and members can have more back-and-forth conversations since it is set up more as a chat board vs. email. We will provide members with information on how to navigate SLACK because we realize it is new to a lot of people but it will definitely be worth learning and we believe it will be a great resource for our members.

Once our SLACK community starts growing and our conversations are flowing, we are expecting that there will be some questions. Please click on the button below to view the TBH SLACK FAQS.