Stephen King

Advice for Trial Lawyers (4:42)
According to Steve King,“You can’t stop listening, you can’t stop caring, you can’t stop loving.” In this video he shares valuable advice for all trial lawyers such as the importance of maintaining a healthy balance and making sure you’re spending time with your family, building relationships, getting involved, picking the right role models (for the right reasons), listening, reading and figuring out a pathway for your near future so that you know where you are going.

Discussing Money with the Jury (1:56)
You need to figure out a way to talk to the jury about money even when a judge says that you can’t give them the specific number. Steve King shares his tips on how he communicates with the jury and gets them to envision the amount even when he can’t explicitly say the number.


Always Find a Way to Like Your Client (6:10)
What do you do when your whole case rests on the shoulders of your client but she’s not likable? According to Steve King, you have to put in the work and peel back the layers, find the humanity, figure out what’s making her angry, and find something to love about her. If there’s a disconnect between you and your client then everyone will feel it, including your client and the jury. So put in the work and try to find something to love but don’t be afraid to bring someone in to help you or to take over your case if you’re just not able to find a connection.

The Humanity of Trial Work (26:31)
Being a trial lawyer means being a human being who’s an advocate, who has a passion for justice, who’s willing to help, who has honor, and who wants to make a difference. In this video Steve King discusses a variety of important topics such as his transition from criminal to personal injury law, what he has learned during his journey, why he loves being a trial lawyer, and why focusing on humanity and the human condition is crucial for being a good trial lawyer.