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CVN Essentials

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As a Trial By Human Member you can purchase a one year subscription to CVN Essentials through us for $100/year (regularly priced at $200/year). Once you purchase your CVN Essentials subscription we will then email you all of the information on how to set up your CVN account.

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About CVN Essentials:
Curated content from their video library, bringing users the most important and informative moments of each trial.

  • Highlight reels

  • Trials in Twenty Minutes

  • Curated clip libraries

  • More added each month

With CVN Essentials, they’ve distilled over 30,000 hours of the most compelling courtroom video from around the country to make CVN more accessible than ever. 

You can watch and learn from HUNDREDS of video clips curated from their video libraries, and watch key moments from the most important and interesting trials around the country. 

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