Trial By Human Membership FAQs

Who should I contact if I have any questions about my membership?
Feel free to reach out to at any time with any questions, suggestions, comments, etc. We are here to help!

How do I view and/or update my membership account information?
While you are logged into your account, just go to the membership home page and click on the “Your Account” button on the top right. From there you can update your credit card, password, email address, and even upload a photo if you’d like. This is also how you log out of the membership.

Is the Trial By Human Dropbox available?
No, we are not currently using Dropbox for document sharing. Instead we will be using SLACK for discussions and document sharing. You will receive an email invite from us to sign up for the Trial By Human SLACK. If you do not see the email invite please contact and we will re-send it.

Is the Listserve part of the membership?
No, the Trial By Human Listserve is still a free service and is offered separately from the membership. If you are not yet a listserve member but would like to be, please click here to sign up.