Keith Bruno

Checking in With Yourself (3:01)
Keith Bruno recommends that all lawyers take the time (every couple of months or so) to check in with themselves and to have a personal conversation about possibly resetting their goals and expectations. He believes that you just might find that there is a lot more that is possible or that you might even want to take a different path. This job is too difficult to do without inner clarity so it’s important to take the time to check in with yourself on a regular basis so that you can make any necessary adjustments.

Approach to Mini Opening Statements (7:25)
Presenting a non-argumentative 3-5 minute mini opening statement can be tricky. It may sound simple and straight forward but you have to be restrained while telling the jury about the case. Keith shares his approach to mini opening statements and discusses how he succinctly and non-argumentatively presents the facts.

Overcoming the Limitations of Discussing Money (20:51)
How can you overcome the limitation of not being able to present “the number” you are asking for during opening statement? You don’t want the jury to be shocked or to risk losing credibility with them by not discussing money until the end of the trial. To avoid this, Keith recommends discussing money in terms that will frame the discussion during jury selection, well before opening statement. He demonstrates how he uses a story about Oprah and a $15 million dollar vase to get the jury talking about high value items, passion, prejudice and sympathy.

From Criminal Defense to Personal Injury (36:42)
Keith Bruno was a criminal defense lawyer for 13 years before transitioning to personal injury law. In this video he discusses why he made the transition, how he dealt with set backs, what he has learned along the way, and how much he enjoys the positive experiences that he has had getting to know his clients, his fellow lawyers and his community.