Iowa Association for Justice 44th Annual Convention (2017)

Presenters: Nick and Courtney Rowley
Topic: Connecting to Our Cases, Connecting to Ourselves (1:08:00)

In order to connect to our cases, we need to connect to our clients and to ourselves. Take the time to find out everything about your client, including what makes them special and unique. Be open and vulnerable yourself in order to get your client to feel more comfortable opening up. Do not be afraid of preexisting condition cases because almost every case is a preexisting condition case. If we can connect with what the preexisting condition is and talk to our jurors about it openly, then those jurors are going to be empathetic and look at your client in a loving and accepting way. The defense will dig up the dirt and deflect from what’s really important and try to show that your client isn’t worthy, so disclose everything, hand it all over, prepare for it, embrace it. It’s important to trust the law, trust your judges and trust yourself to handle it.