Being fit and squeezing in time to exercise is important for everyone, but particularly necessary for attorneys. Exercising is not just about staying in shape and looking good externally. Exercise helps to release stress, conditions the heart, relaxes and elevates the mind and keeps healthy blood and energy flowing throughout the body, especially when a job requires a lot of sitting.


Lawyers understand the importance of deadlines and scheduling. If exercise is treated like a priority that belongs on the calendar, then it should be scheduled as such. 

  • Schedule something daily even if it is just for 15 minutes. For example; Monday is cardio such as brisk walking, jog before work or a home video. Tuesday back exercises. Wednesday legs/glutes such as squats and lunges. Thursday abs which can be done anywhere. Friday arms/biceps/triceps such as pushups and planks in the office or presses against the wall or even using a desk.


  • Even if it is 20 minutes, 3-5 times per day, it helps to schedule exercise so that it doesn’t get pushed back during a busy day. 

  • It could be waking up 20 minutes earlier to follow a video at home.

  • 20 minutes in the office with an exercise ball and yoga mat.

  • Take a 30-minute brisk walk during a work day. If you can’t take a break then rather than sitting on a phone call for 20 minutes take a walk while on the call.

  • If you are traveling and staying in a hotel try to get in a swim before taking off for the day.