Presenters: Mark Geragos & Nick Rowley
Topic: The Nobility of Trial Lawyers and Tips for Handling Non-Economic Damage Cases (1:40:00)

At this year’s Belli Seminar, which honors great trial lawyers, Mark Geragos expresses his strong belief that there is nothing more noble than being a trial lawyer. He discusses the current dissatisfaction with the institutions and people being left behind and how that can actually be weaved into the argument and the zeitgeist of a case.

Nick Rowley discusses the importance of being comfortable quantifying and asking for money in non-economic damage cases. He explains why you should not be afraid of jurors who do not necessarily agree with you right away and how they might actually become some of your strongest advocates. He also discusses why it is actually okay (and even encouraged) to break the golden rule in order to make every case personal so that you feel the value and can make it real to you.